Sales is NOT taught in Colleges and Universities, yet it is the only revenue generator in any company. This course is built to address the challenges in the "sales" and revenue generation faced by you as an entrepreneur, Start-up CEO or a sales professional.

In the first module of this 8-module training course, we look at the most important question in our mind. Who are the Super Salespersons? Are they born or made?

Our belief is that everyone is born with sales skills. To further develop the skills to become a Super Salesperson, we provide a step-by-step and analytical guide narrating a "how-to-do" and "what-to-do" masterclass in the Basics of the sales. 

Who is it suitable for?

It is suitable for a University student aspiring to join the Sales profession. It is also suitable for young entrepreneurs, start-up Founders and young sales professionals wanting to improve their performance levels.

Manoj Changarampatt talks of the fabric of a Super salesperson with 2 real-life stories to drive the point home. 

MODULE : KSH 2000.00